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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Novo texto «A Eternidade »

Olá a todos , podem ver um novo texto meu no optimo site 1000magias .


Anonymous Amber said...

está muito bom o texto, parabéns e continue sempre a sua caminhada e partilhando connosco..

1:29 PM  
Blogger Morganashiva said...

Interessante seu blog!

Tudo de bom pra ti!

Muita Luz!!!

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

December 1st brings a New Moon at 10º Sagittarius. New Moons are optimal times to set new intentions; this one asks us to raise our sights and affirm what’s most important. New information and directions emerge as Mercury ends his final retrograde of the year on December 3rd and Jupiter opposes Mars on December 4th. It’s clearer now as to what’s really true and worth defending. Speak your mind and listen with your heart.
Motivation and clarity increase as Mars approaches the close of his ten-week retrograde on December 9th. We’ve been re-evaluating bottom lines and security issues since Mars stationed retrograde on October 1st, and will continue to do so until mid-January, when the ongoing fixed cross with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune begins to dissolve. We must chose, like in the movie The Matrix, the red pill or the blue, the choice to see the truth, or live in the illusion.
The Full Moon on December 15th peaks just as the Sun makes its yearly rendezvous with Pluto. Shift Happens. Passions run high as inconsistencies and falsehoods are challenged. Jupiter squares Saturn the day after, exposing the assumptions that are holding us back and the parameters we need to accept. Venus enters Aquarius at the peak of this Full Moon and joins Chiron in Aquarius, helping heal old wounds and misunderstandings. On December 24th Venus turns retrograde, signaling a major review of our relationships and priorities. What have we under or over valued? What’s worth our time and energy? What must be reconciled or rectified? Friendships, partnerships, and communities look different by February 3rd when Venus turns direct.
On December 30th we the 13th New Moon of the year. In Capricorn, this New Moon asks us to remember our real job, not what we do for money, but for love. We each have a calling, a vocation, a mission.

2:14 PM  
Blogger silvio said...

Obrigado a todos.



6:12 PM  

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